How does it work?

Individuals, businesses, and organizations in the valley have come together to purchase gifts for underserved children in the Mount Washington Valley. Applicants are eligible for only one Christmas assistance program. Applications are shared with other area agencies to prevent duplication.  We do verify each child’s age, residence and school, if applicable. Newborns up to age 18 are eligible for sponsorship if they are a full-time local student (college excluded) and not a parent themselves. We do not provide for unborn children.

 How do I register my child?

Applicants should email to obtain their own personal link to an application which will be completed online. You can have questions answered by calling (603) 356-5512.  Applications will be accepted through December 1st.

While there is no guarantee that a sponsor will be found for every child, we do our best to meet all applicant requests.

To be considered for the Angel and Elves Program children must be residents of the following communities:

  • Albany
  • Bartlett
  • Brownfield
  • Chatham
  • Conway
  • Freedom
  • Fryeburg
  • Jackson
  • Madison
  • North Conway
  • Tamworth

Residents of the following areas are NOT eligible for this program: The State of Maine (except Fryeburg and Brownfield), Wolfboro, Ossipee, Center Ossipee, West Ossipee, Effingham, Sanbornville, Union, Wakefield, East Wakefield and Brookfield.

Application forms are numbered and every effort is taken to protect the identity of participants. Sponsors will only see a child’s first name. You will need to complete an online form for each child. There is no guarantee that a sponsor will be found for every child. Make sure there is a telephone number and email where we can contact you for pickup.

How can I help?

There are four ways to help Angels and Elves in its mission.

  1. You can become an Angel Sponsor who buys presents for a specific child or children. You can obtain a list of the child’s need and wants at Elf Headquarters. The average amount spent per child is $120. When you have finished shopping, drop off the items at Elf Headquarters. Don’t worry if you cannot wrap the gifts, our Elves (our volunteers) will take care of the wrapping and delivery. When you return the gifts, the Elves will be happy to give you a receipt for tax purposes. We have 501 (c) (3) non-profit tax status so your donations are tax deductible.
  2. You can make a financial contribution by sending a check to Angels and Elves at P.O. Box 1993, North Conway, NH 03860. Elves use this money to purchase items like coats and boots that some angel sponsors might not be able to afford. The money also helps us make sure each child gets a comparable amount of presents, especially within the same family.
  3. You can organize a group of friends, co-workers, hobby enthusiasts, church members, etc. to combine their efforts to buy gifts for a family or two families. Each person in your group might be responsible for specific items on the child’s list.
  4. You can contribute yourself or encourage your employer to donate items needed at Elf Headquarters or send in a donation to defray the cost of telephones, newspaper ads, wrapping paper and purchases of the more expensive items like coats and boots. Please call (603) 356-5512 or stop by Elf Headquarters to find out what is needed.

If you have any questions on the different ways to participate, please call (603) 356-5512. You can also contact us by email at

Do I wrap the gifts?

Wrapping gifts is optional. If you wrap the gifts be sure you list the contents on the yellow sponsor sheet  because quite frequently the Elves have to  unwrap the gifts  to check contents, sizes, colors, and to make sure they match the wants/needs list. We then have to rewrap. The Elves will check to make sure each child gets a comparable number of gifts. This is especially important for families with more than one child.

What if I cannot afford everything on the child’s list?

Purchase only what you can. Angels and Elves receives monetary donations to make up any shortfalls. Our Elves just love to go shopping.