Club Officers

President -Anthony Ammendolia

President-Elect – Darlene Ference

Vice President – Barbara Plonski

Past President – Barbara Reilly

Treasurer – Allen Gould

Secretary – Susan Staples Smith

Board of Directors

Three Years

Chris Booras

Ann Mills

Maggie Perkins

Two Years

Barry Chisholm

Tina Craig

Mike Albarelli

One Year

Eric Dziedzic

Peter Deveau

Nancy Marquis

Our Mission

The Kiwanis Club of Mount Washington Valley began in 1975 when twenty valley residents decided there was a need for another service club in the region. Today we are over 60 members and still growing. Two of our founding members remain active. Our local club mission statement reads:

The mission of the Kiwanis Club of Mount Washington Valley is to make our community a better place in which to live by engaging adult and youth volunteers to support community service projects with an emphasis on the needs of our children.

Club members work primarily for the benefit of our local community, but also contribute to regional Kiwanis projects like the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute in Boston and the world wide service project to eliminate maternal/neonatal tetannus. Click on the Who Benefits menu at the top of the screen to see how our work benefits the valley.

Celebrating Dan Andrews’s 80th Birthday


Mystery Dine Around Recap

Thanks to Tim George, Barbara Plonski and Mike Albarelli for arranging our Dine Around this year. We were welcomed with Appetizers at McGrath’s Tavern, followed by Entrees at the Chef’s Bistro which closed just for us. And for those who dared, we toured The Haunted House at Adventure Suites where we were provided with a sweet ending to our dining experiences. We think everyone in the club got out intact!

Members Who Forgot to Pay Their Dues